The Value of Our Volunteers!


Manna's HANA Riding Center offers a progressive volunteer program that continues to grow annually. It does not matter the amount of horse experience an individual has prior to coming to Manna's HANA as we take the time to ensure all volunteers are training consistently to meet the needs of our horses, programs and overall farm standards

Volunteer opportunities are offered year round and so are the training opportunities. At Manna's HANA, we aspire to continually educate our volunteers, helping the stay engaged in our programs and increase their awareness of their important role which directly fuels our mission. 

To all our incredible volunteers, our sincerest gratitude to YOU. You make our mission possible with your gift of time, skills, and heart you share with Manna's HANA. 

Thank You!

in 2022: 


Volunteers Gifted


Hours of Service Valued at 


according to the Independent Sector Value of Volunteer Time for the state of Tennessee of $28.54 an hour

Spring Session: Sean Campbell

Summer Session: Laurie Lee

Fall Session: Bonnie Jenkins

Manna's Hana Riding Center appreciates those who choose to volunteer. Thank you for your service to MHRC!